Faux Woodgraining

What is Faux Woodgraining?
Creating the look and feel of wood on any surface using paints and glazes.

Can I make a living at this?
Yes, Professional Woodgraining is a Very Creative and Profitable Career.

Does Faux Woodgraining Look Like Real Wood?
Yes, it looks and feels like wood to the touch (texture in the shape of the grain).

Can I Woodgrain right over the old finish?

For Old Wood, Isn't it better to strip off the old finish and refinish ?
No. Strippers are toxic, can loosen the structural wood glue, and it's way too much work.

How Durable is a Faux Woodgrained Finish ?
Very Durable and Easier to Maintain.
Here's an Example.

Can I Purchase Woodgrain Coatings & Tools at a regular Paint or Hardware Store ?
Yes, My Video Tutorials & Documents Specify the Coatings & Tools to Use.

Can I Woodgrain Plastic or Vinyl ?
Yes, My Video Tutorials will Show you How.

Can I Woodgrain a Concrete Floor ?
Yes. It, First, Must be Etched and Cured (same as for painting).

Can I Woodgrain Metal Gutters ?

Can I Woodgrain Sheetrock or Plaster ?

Can I Woodgrain an Old Wood Floor ?

Can I Woodgrain a Car, Truck or Van ?
Yes, Inside and Out. My Video Tutorials will Show you How.

Can I Surf in the Ocean with My Woodgrained Board ?
No, It's Designed for Display on a Woodie or as a Wallhanging. For ocean use, the woodgraining should be done under the resin coat during the surfboard construction.

What Kind of Surface Preparation is Required ?
The Same as for Painting.

Does the Woodgraining Finish Protect the Underneath Surface ?

Can I Match Existing Woods?
Yes, My Video Tutorials will Show you How.

Can I Restore a Classic Woodie with Faux Woodgraining ?

How Do I Maintain an Exterior Faux Wood Finish ?
Clean and ReApply 1 Clear Coat Every 5 to 7 years (for harsh exterior weather exposer).

My Wood Doors are the Wrong Color, Is Woodgraining a solution ?
Yes. I even show you how to color adjust existing wood.

How many types of wood grain finishes do the Learning Videos show ?
19 different woodgrain finishes on the Instructional Videos, plus 30 more on the Woodgrain ID Video.

Are the DVDs in the Learning Kit, Real DVDs or just CD ROMs ?
They are Real DVDs playable on any DVD player or Computer with a DVD drive.

Can the Learning Center Web Videos be viewed on an IPhone or IPad?
No. They are Flash Videos. They can be viewed on any Laptop or Desktop Comuter using any of the major browsers (Mac or Windows).

Can I Purchase an Online Learning Membership Outside the US ?

Are the Physical Woodgraining Kits available outside the US ?
No. However the Online Learning Center is Available Worldwide and has the Same Tutorial Information.

Can I Pay by Check of Money Order?
Yes, Email Me and Arrangements will be Made.

Can I pay by "Western Union"?
Yes. Send your Western Union payment to Paul Corbin in the state of California. Then Email Me the NTCN (Money Transfer Control Number). And you will receive your order.