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Color TheoryBurl Woodgraining

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sample Coontract

2 Sample Business Contracts for Graining a Painted Front Door & Metal Garage Doors.
Document on Basic Preparation, Mixing, Matching and Basic Straight Brush Graining.
Document of Color Swatches for Faux Woodgraining Basecoats, Accents and Grain Glazes.
Document Explaining the Use of Additive and Subtractive Color Techniques to Match Woodtones.
Document Listing Various Glaze Brands To Use to For Your WoodGraining Glaze.
Document Showing How to Create Burgundy Mahogany Frame with a Burl Mahogany Panel.
Document Showing How to Create Iridenscent Copper Faux Woodgrain.
Document Showing How to Match Existing and Adjacent Woods.
Document Listing Various Paint Brands to Use for Your Basecoat, and Clears for Your Finish Coat.
Document on How to Mix Ext. Materials and the Tools for Graining, plus Links to other Graining Websites.
Document Showing How to Create a Pine Woodtone and Pattern, with or without Knots.
Detailed Pictorial of My Faux Woodgrained (Woodie) Van.


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